About me:
What's up people! I just lost a fat whoops I mean broke up with my boyfriend lol. Finally after 3yrs, I left my boyfriend and moved as far away as possible. I'm definitely not too shabby in the looks department. I'm not looking for a daddy, sugar or otherwise, I just want a guy that can act mature and handle a casual relationship. I wanna feel good physically without all the drama that comes with having a full-time boyfriend. Send-to-Receive if you want to see some more revealing photos of me.
My ID:
  • Gender: Female
  • I am seeking: Men
  • City: Genova
  • Profession: Design (Architect/Fashion)
  • Relationship Status: Single
My Characteristics:
Calm, Fashionable, Humorous, Relaxed
Favorite Activities:
Tanning, Paintball
What Turns Me On:
Kinky fun, Foreplay/Teasing, Sharing Fantasies
What I am looking for:
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