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It`s very hard to describe myself just within a few lines! Maybe you`ll better discover me by yourself, I`m sure you`ll never regret when you`ll begin. My friends call me - the sunny woman! Because I am always smiling, making jokes and look at things only from the positive side. I would say I am bubbly and it is very easy to find a common language with me. But aside from that when there are situations where I need to be practical and serious - I am. I am a mature woman working as an economist but I`m serious only at work! I think the main work for every woman is to make her man happy! I`ll try to make every minute of your life the happiest one. Just imagine how you wake up because of smell of hot coffee which I bring you to bed! I adore sweet kisses and I think it is a thing people should not be shy about. We should express our emotions and to share them with all the world.I'm a very easygoing and sincere person. I love life and try to enjoy it in every moment. I'm honest and faithful, I always prefer to tell the truth whatever it is. I'm quite self-critical and attentive, my friends say that I have a good sense of humor. I can joke about myself but also like to tease my close people sometimes, but at the same time I'm prudent and polite, I'm delicate when it's needed. I love peace in relationship and always do my best to keep In a man I value friendliness, kindness, warmth, compassion, faithfulness, understanding, strong family values, and more. Besides, I want my man to have a strong character, warm heart and caring soul! I want to share much in common with my partner so my man lives with goodemotions and adores sharing themwith close people! I appreciate him to be fun-loving, easy-going, reliable, selfless, good man without bad habits ! I am looking for a man I can cherish, love, protect, have fun and travel together and live a happy life with. That is my aim..I'm looking for a kind, positive man who also doesn't believe his age in passport. He has a sense of humor and likes to joke. For me it's very important that we are honest with each other so his honesty is one of the most important qualities I'm looking for. I hope that we will be on the same wave with my man so he needs to be well-wishing, generous and attentive. But I'm not looking just for a range of qualities only, I'm looking for my close person, your age and weight doesn't really matter for me
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  • Gender: Female
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  • City: New Albany
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